4 Dangerous Side Effects Using Antibiotics For Acne

In treating an Acne can be done many ways. But not all the way or the drugs used to prevent acne is considered safe. 

In fact, a number of the drugs thus makes the skin of the face becomes more severe than required how to prevent acne comes back. 

Most people who have skin breakouts tend will select a drug that can make the pimples on the face disappear quickly. 

Whereas some of the potent acne remedies that were considered as a way to get rid of acne in a highly fast are not necessarily safe to use.

4 Dangerous Side Effects Using Antibiotics For Acne

One way to remove acne which pretty much sought after using antibiotics. Antibiotics are considered powerful for how to get rid of acne quickly and in a short time. And in a short time can be said to be acne is no longer come. Or vice versa, acne will appear again with great numbers and be getting worse.

Therefore, the instant treatment sometimes being the quickest u.s. steps for how to remove acne scars naturally but can provide long-term ill effects. Similarly with antibiotics as a treatment foracne

It's good should know first what are the causes of acne from internal and external factors. As a consideration in choosing an antibiotic for acne medication, here are some of the dangers of antibiotics if used to remove acne.

The types of Antibiotics that are dangerous 

Based on its category, antibiotics are divided into three types of IE.

Oral Antibiotics.

These antibiotics in the form of tablets, capsules, pills or syrups. The use of antibiotics is limited for consumption. Choose antibiotics that contains a list of herbs herbal acne.

Topical Antibiotics

The types of antibiotics typically used outside especially on skin that is as ointment, lotion or spray. Some types of acne scar cream removal remedy available at the pharmacy.

Antibiotic Injections

These antibiotics are generally given to sufferers of pain namely by way of direct injected or via a drip. In a more extreme case, chemical peels for facial breakouts are required.

Here is the danger of antibiotic for Acne: 

1. Interfere with the digestive system 

Certain types of antibiotics consumed turned out to be effective as a means of preventing acne comes back but the effect conferring on the digestive system. 

Especially if the antibiotics consumed are not in accordance with the dosage and redundant. Side effects can lead to bowel and stomach bothered. Some of these disorders may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If this happens, discontinue the use of these antibiotics and immediately check your health.

2. Allergic reaction 

Some antibiotics that are not acceptable to the body can cause allergic reactions. The use of antibiotics as an acne-prone oily face and thus would be dangerous. 

An allergic reaction to an antibiotic usually like the onset of rash and itching, to experience swelling of the eyelids and lips can cause respiratory disorders.

3. Cause the Bacteria more resistant Antibiotic 

The use of antibiotics, especially in excess, can thus make good bacteria in your body will be killed, so that left only the bad bacteria can mutate. 

So that the use of antibiotics is no longer functioning because of bad bacteria become resistant or resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, it takes a step in how to overcome an inflamed acne.

4. Cause acne Appeared More

In the short term, the antibiotic is indeed a powerful reliever in the expelling acne. But the long-term effects, antibiotics will cause acne "appears again even with a sufficient amount of lots and getting worse. 

This could be caused by skin type does not match the type of antibiotics used. Therefore, it would be better if consulted beforehand to • determine the types of antibiotics that are right for certain skin types.

The following are some types of acne antibiotics are harmful:


The types of antibiotics are considered dangerous because it gives bad effects such as for cause nausea and stomach pain. However, this type of antibiotic Erythromycin has rated the most powerful set of acne because it can kill bacteria and are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, so as to play a role in reducing the swelling of a pimple. Therefore, the necessary medical supervision for this kind of use of related antibiotics.


The type of this antibiotic is the most commonly used antibiotics to treat acne. But behind the usefulness as a powerful acne drug, busting these antibiotics keep the danger. In the short term, Tetracycline can make vitamin D levels in the body and cause diarrhea. In the long term, this type of antibiotic use may result in pressure on the brain. Some types of these antibiotics such as Doxycycline, Oxytetracycline, and Demeclocycline, Minocycline.


The antibiotic Minocycline is one type of the antibiotic Tetracycline which also became antibiotic that is often used as a way to remove acne and mark. But usage, in the long run, could nearly the growth of bones and teeth. In addition, the type of antibiotics resulted in damage to teeth such as hollow teeth and can change the color of teeth become brownish yellow.

Types of acne treatment Using Antibiotics that are safe

If antibiotics are indeed required to treat acne or have been based on the advice of a dermatologist, then it is okay to use antibiotics to relieve acne on the face. Resolve acne on your back and chest distinctly different ways to cope with acne on face. But do not worry, there's an acne solution failed to recover but of course should be used properly and safely. The following types of acne treatment using antibiotics that are safe.

The recommended dose appropriate

Antibiotics are necessary to reduce the swelling of a pimple quickly. However, it's good to use based on the advice of and in accordance with prescribed and adopted by the proper dose. Excessive use will cause various side effects, especially on health. For instance, the dose was given usually already adjusted to the condition of the body of the sufferer.

Appropriate period of time specified

Using antibiotic acne not recommended for long periods of time. The use of antibiotics is usually only done during 6-8 week. It is not advisable to use it again exceeds the specified period of time. If not stopped, many health risks that will attack and thus be the cause of acne is festering and bleeding.

Select antibiotics that are registered
In choosing antibiotics as a way to remove acne rice should be observant and conscientious. Do not let this type of antibiotic that is chosen is not listed or is illegal. Antibiotics like this usually have a fatal risk to health because of inappropriate antibiotic content. Select antibiotics that are made of natural materials such as acne busting plants. Search for references or reliable sources before choosing a particular type of antibiotics to • avoid everything possible bad risks.

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