Too Often Eat Burger Can Make a Woman Got Breast Cancer

Burgers or hamburgers are the most popular food in the United States. According to "The American Dictionary of Food and Drink", every average American can eat 3 hamburgers each week. Every year, American people can consume as much as 38 million pieces of hamburger. wow!

Burger or "burger sandwich" is a kind of sandwich, consisting of a slightly split paste pasted with 1 to 2 cm spicy chopped bread with a breadth equal to the with lettuce, bread, cheese sheets, tomato slices, and sauce.

The word burger itself comes from the word 'hamburger' Burgers or hamburgers have two different meanings but actually refer to the same thing, it could mean a slab of meat pasted between two breadballs, it could also mean a sandwich consisting of round bread and burger meat itself.

Burger meat is not always finely chopped beef, but it can also be fish meat, chicken, and tofu for vegetarians. Burger meat is also not to be eaten with a 'bun' (a special round for hamburgers).
Watch out for women who like fast food like a burger. Especially women who are just in their teens. A recent study shows that teenage girls who consume too much hamburger can get breast cancer before they are 45 years old.

Adolescence is the age of the transition of women to the adult phase where women will experience breast growth. Most girls often stop by at a fast-food restaurant and order a hamburger to eat lunch or dinner.

They tend to like one of these fast foods. Especially in America, the majority of schools there provide hamburgers or other fast food as a lunch menu. Dr. Karin Michels from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA says that during adolescence and early adulthood, the breast glands are growing.

Therefore women are vulnerable to lifestyle factors that can cause various diseases. In this study, Dr Michels and his team collected data from 45,204 women aged 33 to 52 years enrolled in the Nurses' Health Study II who completed a food frequency questionnaire in 1998 about the foods they ate during high school.

Each food is given an inflammatory score using a developed method, which connects food with inflammatory markers in the blood. For 22 years, 870 women who had completed high school were diagnosed with premenopausal breast cancer and as many as 490 were diagnosed with post-menopausal breast cancer.

Then the women were divided into five groups based on inflammatory scores on the results of their teenage meals, the group with the highest score had a 35 percent higher risk of premenopausal breast cancer.

When the same analysis was done based on foods consumed by early adulthood, the highest inflammatory score was 41 percent more at risk for premenopausal breast cancer.

"Our results show that foods commonly eaten during adolescence can lead to chronic inflammation when consumed too often and may increase breast cancer risk in young women before menopause," said Dr. Michels as quoted by the Daily Mail.

"Approximately 12 percent of women in the United States develop breast cancer during their lifetime", he added. However, basically, the risk of breast cancer of every woman is different based on various factors, including genetic predisposition, demography, and lifestyle. According to Dr. Michels, it is important to note that despite this associate research, however, it is not easy to conduct causal research.

Where would it take religious varieties of food per individual teenage girls for a long period of time and follow them for decades? Dr. Michels also explained that the main limitation of this study is that the foods normally consumed during adolescence will be reused by participants in later life. So the researchers did not have a fixed measurement of a teenager and early adult as a blood marker due to the inflammation in this study.

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