The Causes Of The Emergence Of Pimples On The Face

The causes of the emergence of pimples on the face is very important to know as a form of anticipation we do prevention of acne. Acne or acne vulgaris called the medical that was and is a classic problem skin face (forehead, nose and cheeks) though sometimes can be found in the neck and shoulders of the chest or back. Acne is indeed has become a common problem for adolescents even parents who felt very disturbing and lose confidence.

For most adolescents acne cause appears to be one of the big questions that should know the answer. With know the causes of the emergence of acne we can anticipate and do prevention so it can avoid it or at least be able to do handling properly. What are roughly the causes of acne? The following will be reviewed some of the reasons that lead to the onset of acne on your face.

Before you find a way to remove acne, first we must understand what is acne and its different types and a variety of causes-causes that trigger it. So in addition to heal we can also know how to prevent it.


The Reasons For The Emergence Of Pimples

1. Excess oil production
Acne is not forever because we appear less maintain the cleanliness of the face, but can also be influenced by internal factors or from within the body. Acne occurs due to abnormal skin conditions due to interference from excess production of oil glands (Sebaceus Gland) causing the occurrence of blockage in channel of the follicle pore and hair in the skin. Because the occurrence of acne is the most common are stacks of oil, hormones, or it could be the SOAP that collaborate with the bacteria on the skin of the face.

2. The bacteria
The bacteria is one of the most serious causes of acne. Bacteria called p. acne usually exist on the skin and tend to continue to proliferate in the sebaceos glands that are experiencing clogging so irritates the surrounding area. The gland can rupture when the enlarged swelling process resulting in the inflammation of the surrounding skin and menimbukan pain in the face. This is one reason the incidence of acne pimples are types of stone that is enlarged and painful and when healed can lead to holes such as chickenpox scars.

3. Dead skin cells
Acne generally occurs because a growing number of production of androgen hormones resulting in an excess of oil glands. Acne is finally starting to appear because the bacteria are mixed with the dead skin cells. Of blockages that are formed due to dead skin cells also mingled with the SOAP to the mixture to thicken so that cause black or white spots on the face. Acne in General did indeed attack the face, but Acne can also attack other parts of the body like the back of your upper arms, chest, even the scalp.

Various causes of Stubborn Acne

1. Hormonal Factors
Hormones being the biggest cause of the emergence of pimples on face let alone at the age of adolescence. Acne generally begin to appear at the age of 10 to 15 years and then will start to disappear when the age of 25, but also most of the people there are also that until the age of 40 to 50 years with a percentage of approximately 7%. Generally women have a high risk of acne exposed at 2-7 days before menstruation, patients wear a certain type of medications such as steroids, cortisone, estrogen, and testosterone as well as feniton in women who are pregnant.

2. Keep clean Less Hair
What to do with the hair diwajah acne? It turns out that the hair has an important role in causing the onset of acne is therefore very important to keep clean the hair. Someone less hygiene hair like rarely wash for example, when the scalp produces oil in excess then the oil will flow to the face or can also flow through the hair. So when the oil is mixed with dust, dirt or bacteria that can eventually lead to blockage of the pores on the face and acne munculah. That's why sometimes Acne can be very stubborn and difficult to be eliminated despite doing handling properly.

3. Consume Carbonated Drinks
Drinking carbonated drinks also had an adverse effect on the human body, one of which can trigger the onset of acne. Fizzy drinks can create inflammation in the human body, because in the soda there is one substance that aspartame can cause and improve acne. Soda can also lower the PH can cause acne is pretty stubborn and difficult to overcome.

4. The existence of Friction or pressure on the skin
Acne can also be triggered by pressure on the skin such as a helmet, a collar, a cell phone, and a variety of other objects without us even realizing it can cause acne. Aside from the pressure on skin bacteria or objects that stick to last if not clean is the main trigger.

5. Allergic foods and drinks
The other is the cause of acne from allergy to certain foods and drinks such as seafood, milk and so on. Other foods can also trigger the occurrence of acne is a food that has a high jumalha Vitaman A, a low Vitamin E as well as too many contain carbohydrates.

Various causes of the occurrence of the common Acne
1. Genetic factors or descent
2. Due to the hormone testosterone if on men-l
3. Bacteria that infect through the pores of the face
4. Scratching of the face can cause irritation on the skin
5. Anabolic Steroids
6. Age Factor
7. The blockage of pores on the face due to dead skin cells
8. Consume alcoholic beverages and smoking
9. Lack of consuming foods that contain Vitamin A and Vitamin B
10. Hold and squeeze the pimple
11. Too often affected by exposure to sunlight directly
12. Less keep clean face with face wash routine
13. Dirty hair that stick to the face
14. Because too much of the burden of thought or stress
15. Due to overactive oil glands
16. Because of the decline of hormones in women
17. Because blood is dirty
18. Due to taking pills KB
19. Due to air pollution are dirty
20. Eating too much chocolate
21. Allergies on the chemical substances contained in cosmetics
22. Consume less water white
23. Lack of skin hygiene

Now says several factors cause the emergence of pimples on the face, chest, back or other parts. Hopefully with us knowing the causes of that we can know how to remove acne correctly and do prevention afterward.

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