How to get rid of acne Naturally with lemon

How to get rid of acne naturally with lime juice can be an alternative healing that is cheap enough to cope with acne on face. For a women, acne is one of the problems is indeed quite serious and considered quite disturbing is not like most guys. Women always want to appear pretty perfect in every circumstances even those willing to spend a lot of money to get rid of acne and mark from their faces. But there is one way that is quite effective to get rid of acne naturally and without big risk using jerup wedges.

Before you start addressing the acne is very important to know the types of acne and the acne causes so that we can make handling correctly and not at risk on our faces, and one could try using natural like lemon. Lime known as kitchen seasoning turned out to have an awful lot of usefulness and benefit for health, one to the face because it can help mengilangkan acne along with mark at once can brighten the face. Benefits of lemon for beauty actually has been known since the time of our ancestors. Vitamin C in lemon this is what helps the rejuvenation of skin cells and dissolve the fat content on acne. So with the use of lime can be a wise choice than using drugs that are made from chemicals because in addition to safe natural also.

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How To Safely Overcome Acne Naturally Using Lemon
The following are some ways that you can do to overcome acne using lemons:

A. The First Way
The first way in curing acne with their mark such as freckles or pocked is using his flesh. Side so the two lemons with a level of maturity that is being, not too green and not too old. Apply the Orange throughout your face, especially on parts of the face which breakouts. Let stand for a few minutes until the orange juice to seep into your skin, during the process of peresapan happens will follow pains on the face. Such pains arise because Vitamin C in lemons was working.

B. the second way
The second way is almost the same as the first way but this time we will mix the lemon with warm water. First prepare the lemons with a medium level of maturity and wring the water, then mix with warm water. Basuhkan across the surface of your face to dry unevenly later after flush with cold water.

Why use warm water? Warm water serves to open the pores of the face so expect orange juice can work optimally on the affected facial acne.

C. the third way
If on the second way of using water, then on the third way we will mix it with honey. Honey also includes natural ingredients are very rich benefits for human health. The trick is to prepare water juice of lime juice approximately 1 tablespoon measure out and put on the container then mix with honey about 1 teaspoon. Stir evenly and make the mask to your face, then let sit for 20-25 minutes and rinse with clean water afterwards.

This third way do routinely to Acne completely disappeared, combine it with how to remove acne the first or second to get maximum results. If asked how long to get rid of acne with lemon? You can see the results about 1 week with the terms of usage are routine, then it would seem your acne began to diminish. Quickly or whether the healing process is also determined by other factors such as severe acne or whether suffered then how do you maintain the cleanliness of the face and much more.

Thus the number of ways to remove acne naturally with lemon that you can try to practise at home. Hopefully, this way your acne could be overcome and lost.

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