First Time Make Love? Dont Try This 5 Dangerous Sex Style!

First Time Make Love? Dont Try This 5 Dangerous Sex Style!

Sex positions can provide variations in sex life. You can try it to increase intimacy at once to make it easier to reach orgasm. Unfortunately from the many styles of lovemaking, there are some positions that are considered quite dangerous to do.

1. Standing 69

This position may be one of the favorite positions of couples to get more pleasure when making love. With this position both parties can provide and get stimulation at the same time. But you should not change the position 69, from the usual while lying down, to be standing. It looks challenging, but this position will be very dangerous if done. You need strong muscles to support the body while providing stimulation. When it finally reaches climax, and the body becomes limp, your body can fall over each other.

2. Standing cowgirl

Cowgirl position, also called woman on top, put women in the top position. Men love to make love by using this position because they do not need to do a tiring movement. But when modified with standing cowgirl, its position will become quite dangerous. Once again when your partner's body is not strong enough, you can slip and fall.

3. The pair of tongs

This position is also referred to as the position of the brace because the position of men and women upright and legs interlocked. However, to support weight, women should rest on one hand to the floor and one hand on the couple. Because the load is more reliant on one hand to the floor, this position is considered at risk of causing injury to women. In addition, the position of the body that often changes and shifts suddenly can also weaken the strength of the hand muscles, and stretch too suddenly so the muscles can tear.

4. Pile driver

When doing this position, you should lean on the sofa or bed. Then lift your legs and open as wide as possible so that he can freely penetrate. This position is considered to provide satisfaction for couples, but very dangerous for women. This position may cause neck injury. Because the neck becomes the fulcrum of weight and are in a position that should not (bent).

5. Bodybuilder

Some people reveal that sex can also be a means of exercise to strengthen the body muscles of men, one of them through bodybuilder position. In this position he will lift your whole body, while the position of your feet locked his body. Just like weight training in the gym, sometimes men may not be able to lift the body perfectly and unstable. Over time, both of you can fall to the floor.
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