6 Ways How to Get Rid Acne Naturally and effectively

How to get rid acne naturally and effectively is a series of how to cope with acne that we write in this blog is special. Previously reviewed complete types of acne, causes of acne, get rid of acne, natural stone to remove acne eliminate acne scars such as freckles or pocked due to Acne and other associated the main problem with the problem of the teens.

Yes, true acne is a common problem that must be faced by most people especially teenagers. Acne has lots of types and how to handling, any type of acne should be treated differently if not then it will be getting worse. There are many challenges for sufferers of acne such as should not be bound by the nails and others that must be obeyed if don't want to heal acne scarring such as black flecks or even pocked acne scars.

There are indeed many ways and solutions that can be done to cope with pimples that appear on the face or back. Among them such as buying a variety of drug in pharmacies, using natural ingredients and go to doctor or clinic that is indeed experienced in their field. Use of drugs that contain chemicals not we recommend because it has a very high degree of risk would be better if directly consult a doctor so it will heal faster. Another way which is pretty effective, inexpensive and no risk is to use natural materials or traditional materials which have since used to be the mainstay of our ancestors.

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How to overcome the Stubborn Acne naturally, quickly and effectively
For those of you who suffer from stubborn acne here's how to remove stubborn acne that you can try:

#1 Using ice cubes
Ice cube plays a role to improve blood circulation in an ara pimple the pimple at a time helped shrink the pores on the skin, kill the bacteria causes acne, remove dirt on the skin and removes excess oilwhich is menumpuh on the skin .

How To Overcome Acne With Ice Cubes
  • Prepare ice cubes to taste
  • Wrap using a clean cloth
  • Paste on face breakouts area evenly
  • Hold for a few seconds and release when it was unable to resist thesense of chill
  • Repeat the process several times during the hold around 10-20 times
  • Do it this way with a routine to the acne completely healed

#2 Using Honey
Honey is indeed have many benefits and health benefits for the body that cannot be doubted. Honey also contains antibiotic which is very high. Honey may prevent infection spreading which resulted meradangnya acne.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Using Honey
  • Prepare natural honey (instead of honey production factory)
  • Apply on acne using cotton
  • Let stand about 25-35 minutes
  • Clean your face using clean water afterwards
  • To do routine to get maximum results

#3 Using Lemon
One of the fruits that contain Vitamin C, lemon is very high. Lemon is very good if it is used to treat acne, lemon can shrink pimples quickly. But to keep in mind is the use of lemon that is still fresh and in this way may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

How To Cure Acne Using Lemon
  • Provide fresh lemon 1-2
  • Squeeze the lemon and put water in the container
  • Wash your face lemon water on face breakouts using cotton

Do this regularly when the evening before going to bed

#4 using garlic
Onion puti commonly used as a condiment, this kitchen is an antifungal, antiseptic, antioxidant and antiviral is very beneficial to face breakouts. Garlic also contains sulfur that can speed up the process of healing of acne.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Using Garlic
  • Take the garlic and 1 clove of garlic cut into 2 parts
  • Rub-rub the garlic that has been cut into a pimple and leave it for 5-10 minutes
  • Wash your face using clean water
  • Do this regularly to get maximum results

#5 Using plum tomatoes
The tomato is a fruit that is also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin c. vitamin Content high makes tomatoes good for a natural remedy to get rid of acne.

How To Treat Acne Using Plum Tomatoes

  • Provide 1 ripe tomato fruits (redness)
  • Cut the tomatoes into thin slices-thin
  • Cover with sliced tomatoes acne areas such
  • Let stand about 10-15 minutes
  • Do with routine

#6 Using Fruit Lemon
Lime is commonly used by keperluam for housewives cooking and washing of dirty plates. Besides lime also widely once used as a drug because it contains a lot of Vitamin c. lemons can be used as a remedy for removing acne that is quite effective.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Using Lime
  • Provide 1 piece of lime
  • Squeeze the water and take about a tablespoon of 1-2
  • Mix with honey 1-2 tablespoons
  • Apply on acne using cotton
  • Leave it for 10-20 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water until clean
  • Do with routine to heal acne

That's a couple of ways you can try to get rid of acne on your faceeffectively and quickly. Treat is not enough here are a few things that can prevent the occurrence of acne on your face:

  1. Avoid wearing excess cosmetics and harmful to the skin
  2. Do not touch the face breakouts
  3. Do not squeeze your pimples
  4. Clean your face with face wash at least twice a day
  5. Please Work Out
  6. Expand drinking water white
  7. Avoid the mind from stress

So is our short review about how to remove stubborn acne naturally and effectively in the areas of your face. Hopefully, this way you can get back the face glow and free from acne. Indeed in this mannerwill not cure acne with instant but it takes the process. But if it is done with routine will be fruitful and of course without the harmful side effects of your facial skin.

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