5 Best Acne Treatment For Men

Acne is one of the skin disorder which is often suffered by human beings. Acne is most often attacked to their teenage or who are experiencing periods of puberty. Acne appears as a bump that resembles the boils that sometimes contain pus or blood. The existence of this acne is extremely disturbing.

Besides the disturbing appearance, acne is also sometimes feeling sore when touched. not only physical appearance is impaired due to acne, but also psychic disorders also can be caused by acne.

Some psychic disorders that arise due to the presence of acne are the lack of confidence and also the advent of the taste of minder, so tend to be shut down. Acne even though it is sometimes regarded as a trivial thing, but it is an extremely great influence, especially for a woman or girl who is still a teenager.

Acne in teenagers

This Acne can strike anyone and at any age. Acne not only strikes women only but also men. Acne is also not just attacking those who're in teenage classic puberty alone but can also attack what age only.

Even sometimes can strike children and also people who are already aged, although less intense than their teens. The U.S. has been said before that this Acne can give you psychic impact on people who experienced it, i.e. not confident and also tend to be inadequate. Especially for those who are in their teens.

One of which is often contracted the acne is a teenage boy. Many teenage boys are contracted by acne even in junior high school. Normally the age of a dozen victims of consuming a lot of pimples on them which is a teenage boy.

Even the pimples are attacking teenage boy could have
been not only around the face (such as often acne in General) but also end up on his back. Then, exactly what the causes of acne are attacking teenage boy?

Causes of acne in teenage boys

Acne is a skin disorder that occurs due to the presence of an abnormality or blockage of the oil glands of the skin. These oil glands function to remove excess oil from the skin of the face. When these clogged oil glands, acne then so be it. In males, the part of the body that often stricken with acne is a part of the face and also the back. In General, cause the onset of acne in men are:

1. Hormonal Changes

The main cause of the outbreak and most acne is due to hormonal changes. The changes which occurred in these hormones will make or produce oil can cause clogged pores, even sometimes inviting the growth of bacteria. When things like this continue to happen, it will cause the skin to become distracted and will make acne grows on the skin of men.

2. The Presence Of Excessive Sweating

The second cause of easy it appears the acne in men is the presence of excess sweat. The incidence of sweating will make the skin become susceptible to sweat. Acne-acne this would easily attack them when the weather is hot and body easy sweating. In add, ion because the air is hot, Acne can also emerge when sweating after doing sports. So for those of you who often do sport and cause a lot of sweat, a naturalness When You easily get sick of acne. Acne easily arises because sweat is mainly existing acne on your back.

3. Error in shaving

The error actually does when shaving is not one of the causes of the incidence of acne indefinitely. When you find there lumps similar to Acne that you find while shaving, then it means you've made a mistake when shaving. But once again stressed that this should not be a sure thing.

That's some of the causes that can cause acne on the face or back of teenage boys. Then how to cope with acne-acne commonly attack the teenage boys?

How to cope with Acne in teenage boys

There are several ways that can be done to overcome acne arises among teenage boys can do. Ways that this can be done by using natural materials or also with action-specific action. the surest to prevent your skin from Acne attack is to always maintain the cleanliness of your facial skin.

You can also use various cleaners and anti-acne SOAP that is widely found in shops or markets. But in using these kinds of products, avoid the use of products containing beads or beads, because it will be able to cause irritation on the skin. You can clean the skin of your face as much as two times a day.

To cope with the presence of acne that is on the face of the teenage boys there are several ways that can be done. Here are some tips that you can do to get rid of acne the way teenage boys and girls:

1. Diligently clean your face

As has been said before that the key to overcoming acne all at once as a way to prevent acne is not diligent in coming is to keep clean. So you have to be diligent-diligent clean the face or your face. Acne is caused by the presence of excess oil on the skin of your face. Clean the face can clean the dead skin cells that accumulate on the face so that it can be lost. In the face of clean, you can use SOAP or cleanser-anti acne cleanser that is suitable for your facial skin.

Just a tip for you, if you've found one of the soaps that suit you then don't replace-replace Your soaps with different brands of others. This is because often change – change the SOAP will cause allergy on your skin. If You don't want to use SOAP, then you could use clean water only. Try to clean the face or faces of this at least twice a day. One of the important time to clean the face or your face is when towards the bed.

2. Notice the pattern of your sleep

Facial cleanliness not only just, but the incidence of acne is also influenced by sleep patterns, particularly for those who are male-sex. Try janga less sleep and avoid staying out. This is because the best time to sleep is to start skin care at 22:00 and woke up at 05:00. At this time very active skin cells to replace the skin cells to die and also the stimulus for the formation of new skin cells. For those of you who have insomnia disorders, then you need to discuss with your doctor about this in order to get the best advice that you can do.

3. Treatment Using Ice Cubes

Did you know that ice cube can help get rid of acne on the face or faces? You can put ice cubes on the munsul acne on your face every day. Ice cubes can also be combined with a variety of natural ingredients to eliminate acne in teenage boys.

4. Treatment using Aloe Vera

One of the natural ingredients that can be used to tackle acne treatment is to use Aloe Vera. From the, past we know that Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient that has lots of benefits and also benefits. One function of Aloe Vera is treating acne. In addition to providing cool effects on your acne thereby reducing pain, Aloe Vera is also beneficial for relieving a variety of acne scars are often left on the skin of the face.

You can use Aloe Vera is to take care of your facial skin in a way put in the skin of your face. To start the usage of Aloe Vera it don't forget to peel his skin first. Aloe Vera is used for this treatment is Aloe Vera young or old who are medium-sized.

5. Rubbing Lemon on the face

The next natural ingredients that can be used to get rid of acne is to use lemon. AHA content contained on lemon is quite powerful, effective, and also safe for your facial skin. How that is done for facial skin care using this lemon is to use water the juice from the lemon or use lemon slices directly to rub it in the face or your face that there is acne.

Doing it this way at least 2 to 3 times per week. But you should know that not all skin types can use lemon treatments jikan fit. If you experience a skin irritation, then stop the treatment pengguanaan lemon on your face and immediately consulting the doctor. Lemon also cause the skin to be dry so you need seklai to wash the face until moist after applying lemon juice on your face.

So some tips that can be done to address the presence of acne on the skin of the face on you teenage boys. For you teenage boys who feel have face breakouts, then you could use the above tips to overcome your acne. But if you feel it is not suitable and experienced disturbances more thou consulting doctor. Hope this article is useful.

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